23/12/2013: After the regular morning 5-km walkies with man’s best friend – “Bora de Vance” – I got back home and then went straight out and did a 10-km run towards Signeulx and back.

A fairly brisk south-westerly breeze this morning and very mild for the season (+8°C), so as it was dryish as well it was a good moment to get out and run.

This evening and through the night we are expecting gale force winds of between 90 and 110 km per hour, which is not very nice, but a lot better than being on the northern French and Belgian coasts where it will be up to 140 km/h 🙁 The UK and Ireland are being battered at this very moment.

Relaxing tomorrow and looking forward to a nice Indian meal with Christine and her parents in Rodange at http://www.restaurantpokhara.com/index.php; nothing like traditional English food for Christmas!